How some #Ketchup Love would bring #cyprusawesomeness

Let’s face it, Cyprus biggest industry is the service industry, yet it’s only too often that are victims of someone’s elses incapacity of caring about service dysfunctionalities. You know them all – the biggest brands in Cyprus are resounding case stories, even the Cyprus Presidency is not inmune to the symptoms, an extreme case of disregard towards thinking ahead.

Modern day ocurrences in our daily lives lead to situations that defy human logic. Here is a fresh example:

Can’t understand how there is a shortage of Heinz ketchup in Cyprus? Supplier is receiving next container on the 15th November #incompetence

It’s the service, Stupid!

Today, it’s the oldest of Cyprus Corporate entities which is at the heart of what we can experience in the month ahead – Our supermarkets and favourite food places will run out of Heinz Tomato Ketchup – if they haven’t done so already.

In this modern day in age, a local supplier, partner with one of the most innovative international food corporations with specialised know how in supply-chain management – will run out of stock imminently, and knowingly will take 1 long month (the company has estimated) before a new shipment to arrive. Take it easy guys, no rush!!

Incompetence you say? That’s the Way it Is? Again, it’s the service stupid!

I’m not going to appeal to national pride since it’s not going to be the first time, and neither the last, that some country runs out of stock of a food item, but symbolically, this laisser-faire situation towards unresponsive service committment has become today a real national cancer and the case in point is yet another example.

To those of us who work in building #CyprusAwesomeness, aspiring to sustain and connect Awesomeness to Cyprus, we should not stand still – the foundations of our well being requires that action be taken to fix the broken chain of value and caring among other things. Because yesterday it was the Dasoudi, Mari, and today it’s Ketchup – what more needs to happen for this unchecked abuse. You decide!

Tell your friends Operation #KetchupCyprus needs them. #Awesomeness rules. Think Ahead! Share it.

Thank you for your support. σας ευχαριστούμε. @savesavour

PhotoCredit: Adapted from DPZ Propaganda – Brasil


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