#Cyprus social mentions surpass the 1.000.000 mark in the eye of the storm


It’s to be thankful for the rock solid foundations of the island of Cyprus as it stood firm in the eye of the storm on Twitter last fortnight.

Cyprus Surpassed more than 1.000.000 mentions on twitter

It’s undeniable that the most reliable medium and the most adapted for real-time control remained, even until today twitter.  We have much to be thankful for the tightly knit  group of journalists, economists, academics and knowledgeable observers that made sure the proper news and opinions were always rising to the top at all times ahead of the social media Tsunami.

The demand and need for real-time information was there for the financial sector – but how about for travelers?

All that said,  the bail-out information frenzy linked to Cyprus showed that critical information flowed much like a wave and quite distinct from other bubbles, this one has marked the beginning of a new era and exposes the true gaps of competency, transparency…

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